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The White Velvet Project

Soft Touch Mastectomy has created “The White Velvet Project”, to provide support to women in our hometown of Toronto who are about to have, or have recently undergone breast cancer surgery.

Women who undergo breast cancer surgery (mastectomy/lumpectomy) often develop a condition known as Lymphedema; a painful condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling, caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Lymphedema is frequently caused by cancer treatments. This condition is incurable and progressive; however, a number of treatments can alleviate its symptoms.

We will help you with your next step.

Through the generous support of Prescription Naturals Laboratories, we are making the following available, free of charge.

Post-Surgical Camisole

A beautiful Post-Surgical Camisole with built in pockets and drains.
Visit us before your surgery

Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Treatment

5 Complimentary Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Treatment sessions.

WHITE VELVET Skin Care Lotion


A bottle of WHITE VELVET Skin Care Lotion by Prescription Naturals Laboratories with free refills.
All Natural, Non-toxic, and suitable for all lymphedema garments.

If you or someone you know has had, or is about to have breast cancer surgery, call
or visit us at Soft Touch Mastectomy and let us help you feel whole again.

We are always available to support you in this journey.
Call Alla with any questions you may have.
(416) 782-5353.

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