Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage - It's Easy With Lympha Press 

Lympha-Press is based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage

Lympha-Press Optimal® Pump gives you the benefits of gentle human touch, manual lymphatic drainage along with Lympha Press® calibrated gradient sequential compression. The best in the industry.

Professional Lymphatic Drainage Treatment In-Clinic or at Home

Treatment with metered compression is the most important component of lymphedema therapy. Treatment is available daily at our office, or in comfort of your own home. With the Lympha Press® 201MAX, treatment is easy and effective.

Lympha-Press saves time and money, decreases pain and swelling, and increases your comfort.

Home treatment for Lymphedema
and chronic venous insufficiency

Lympha-Press®is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system specifically designed to treat Lymphedema. Sequential compression with four overlapping compression cells to ensure thorough and comfortable compression.

There are several models available for home use to suit each individual need. We can help you choose whats right for you.

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We can help you feel whole again.

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